Master Closet Renovation

In the spirit of Spring Cleaning I decided to tackle our Master Closet. As you can see from the pictures below we needed some organization in our life.


I was getting so frustrated with our closet that I didn’t want to put away our clean laundry!

First thing is first – take everything out of our overstuffed closet.


Of course injuries will happen… Be extra careful if you are trying to remove wire shelves.


I was able to remove that shelf and patch the dry wall.


Now for a coat of paint.


Our closet remained in this state for several weeks. I was having a hard time trying to decided what closet organizer would best suit our needs best. It was a very exciting day when our new closet arrived.


I decided on a closet system from Closetmaid, and Home Depot delivered it to our door!


It was so nice to see the finished product. We added an extra hanging bar to allow for additional storage.


Our master closet looks so much better.


I am a firm believer in a capsule wardrobe, and for my next article we’ll go through my clothing choices for Spring/Summer 2017.

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